Sister Station

Our sister station (name and location withheld) encourages more than 900,000 people (The research was conducted by Intermedia (, an international media research organization.  A large majority listen to this station in secret out of fear of losing their lives.

Satellite Radio
Imagine beaming the Gospel message directly into the homes of millions of people. That is exactly what our direct-to-home Satellite Radio Feed does! By using Satellite technology, we are able to effectively bring the Gospel to more people than ever before.

Shortwave programs only air 45 minutes a day, and those who listen often do it in a secret place. They are really searching for answers and make it a point to hear the programs.  Shortwave can reach the most remote areas.

Young people (age 16-25) prefer to listen online. They are asking the hard questions: Why am I here? What is the purpose of my life? Listeners, especially those in universities and schools, are taught to ask questions.

It is estimated that 95 percent of the people who live in the Arab World will never personally meet a Christian or hear the real truth about Jesus. But radio changes that! 1.5 million are hearing the Good News every week on shortwave, satellite and Internet Arabic-language radio programs.

We started producing completely different programs in 2004, and these changes have affected our listenership. we share the gospel in 30-second to five-minute spots. This has been very successful and this proves that we’re on the right track. Programs are structured so as not to offend anyone in the family.  The programming is designed with the entire household in mind.

The programs mainly go out in the Arabic, Berber, Pulaar, & Hassaniya languages and various dialects. Portable studios are placed strategically throughout North Africa to allow local programs to be recorded.

A number of countries don’t recognize Jesus as the King of kings and the only source of truth, so programmers and listeners who accept Christ can face significant persecution.

We are also seeing more materialism, especially as tourism boosts income as rich people visit the region. As a result, people don’t think much about the important questions in their life.

Because the satellite receiver is normally located in the living room, the station staff are always challenged not to offend the Arabic people. At the same time we desire to tell them the gospel in a way they understand and to which they can react.

We also learned that in some countries, especially where police control the Internet cafés, we only have a couple thousand people listening per year. Security is an issue.


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