Girl Talk

Girl Talk is for women who want engaging conversations about authentic faith. Each episode will teach, encourage and make you laugh.

When you listen to Girl Talk, you’re one of the girlfriends!

Prayer Walk with Tricia: Girl Talk Special

Season 9:

Girl Talk S9 EP#15: You Don’t Have To Do It All

Girl Talk S9 EP#14: Christmas Hot Seat with Carol

Girl Talk S9 EP#13: Christmas Hot Seat with Kelly

Girl Talk S9 EP#12: Christmas Hot Seat with Tricia

Girl Talk S9 EP#11: Women Empowering Women

Girl Talk S9 EP#10: Worship Over Worry

Carol’s Devotion from Girl Talk Live

Girl Talk LIVE at Brookstone Church

Girl Talk S9 EP#9: Attacking Anxiety

Girl Talk S9 EP#8: How To Get The Rest You Need

Girl Talk S9 EP#7: Does It Matter If I Go To Church?

Girl Talk S9 EP#6: What is the Truth? 

Girl Talk S9 EP#5: Deconstructing Deconstruction

Girl Talk S9 EP#4: Do My Prayers Really Matter?

Girl Talk S9 EP#3: Learn to Walk with Jesus

Girl Talk S9 EP#2: How to Stop Negative Cycles

Girl Talk S9 EP#1: How to Live Your Identity (available August 17, 2022)

Season 8:

Girl Talk S8 EP#15: How to Stop Self-Sabotage

Girl Talk S8 EP#14: How to Know If You Are Spiritually Healthy

Girl Talk S8 EP#13: How to Live Free from Anxiety

Girl Talk S8 EP#12: How to Break Past The Sadness

Girl Talk S8 EP#11: How to Take Care of Yourself When You’re Taking Care of Others

Girl Talk S8 EP#10: How to Stop Worrying What Others Think About You

Girl Talk S8 EP#9: Growing Up and Getting Older

Girl Talk S8 EP#8: How to Raise Your Strong Willed Child

Girl Talk S8 EP#7: Finding Community When You Are Lonely

Girl Talk S8 EP#6: Are We Living During The End Times?

Girl Talk S8 EP#5: How To Trust God with Your Kids

Girl Talk S8 EP#4: How To Have A Healthy Relationship with Food

Girl Talk S8 EP#3: What To Do When Your Husband Doesn’t Share Your Faith

Girl Talk S8 EP#2: How To Say No

Girl Talk S8 EP#1: Why Your Girlfriends Are Important

Season 7:

Girl Talk S7 EP#15: How To Disconnect

Girl Talk S7 EP#14: How Do I Make The World Better?

Girl Talk S7 EP#13: How To See The Bigger Picture

Girl Talk S7 EP#12: How To Heal Broken Relationships

Girl Talk S7 EP#11: How To Be Content

Girl Talk S7 EP#10: How to Stop The Comparison Game

Girl Talk S7 EP#9: Your Words Matter

Girl Talk S7 EP#8: Healing After Loss

Girl Talk S7 EP#7: Fighting Fair

Girl Talk S7 EP#6: Finding My Purpose

Girl Talk S7 EP#5: What’s Taking My Energy?

Girl Talk S7 EP#4: How To Find Myself Again

Girl Talk S7 EP#3: Can I Be Honest?

Girl Talk S7 EP#2: Different Faces of Anxiety

Girl Talk Season 7 Premiere

Season 6:

Girl Talk S6 EP#13: LIVE Recording from The Cove with Carol Davis

Girl Talk S6 EP#12: What 2021 Taught Us

Girl Talk S6 EP#11: How to Help Your Kids Be The Good Friend

Girl Talk S6 EP#10: Why The Holidays Cause Stress

Girl Talk S6 EP#9: How to Make Good Decisions

Girl Talk S6 EP#8: How to Find Peace

Girl Talk S6 EP#7: How to be a Christian in a Post Christian World

Girl Talk S6 EP#6: Who Are You Listening To?

Girl Talk S6 EP#5: What to Do When Life Makes You Weary

Girl Talk S6 EP#4: How to Chase Your Dreams

Girl Talk S6 EP#3: How to be the Encouraging Friend

Girl Talk S6 EP #2: How to Engage in Community at Church

Girl Talk S6 EP #1: How to Prioritize Relationships Over Opinions

Girl Talk LIVE Special:

Tell Your Feelings The Truth

How to Stop Negative Thoughts

Season 5:

Girl Talk S5 EP#15: Overcoming Addiction

Girl Talk S5 EP#14: Caring for Others

Girl Talk S5 EP#13: Your Child’s Purity

Girl Talk S5 EP#12: Happiness in Marriage

Girl Talk S5 EP#11: Body Image and Body Shaming

Girl Talk S5 EP#10: Living in Comparison

Girl Talk S5 EP#9: Divorce and Single Parenting

Girl Talk S5 EP#8: Loneliness

Girl Talk S5 EP#7: Favorite Resources for Your Christian Walk

Girl Talk S5 EP#6: Mental Health Check-up – Kid Edition

Girl Talk S5 EP#5: Stop the Stigma – Mental Health

Girl Talk S5 EP#4: Start Right Here – Health and Wellness

Girl Talk S5 EP#3: People Pleasers

Girl Talk S5 EP#2: How to Help Those Who Are Hurting

Girl Talk S5 EP#1: Balancing It All – Loads and Limits

Girl Talk Specials:

Girl Talk Hot Seat Special – Hot Seat with Carol

Girl Talk Hot Seat Special – Hot Seat with Kelly

Girl Talk Hot Seat Special – Hot Seat with Tricia

Season 4:

Girl Talk S4 EP#13 – Expectations of Self

Girl Talk S4 EP#12 – Expectations of Others

Girl Talk S4 EP#11 – Expectations of God

Girl Talk S4 EP#10 – It’s the Little Things

Girl Talk S4 EP#9 – Making Peace With Your Past

Girl Talk S4 EP#8 – Toxic Relationships

Girl Talk S4 EP#7 – How to Start a Jesus Conversation

Girl Talk S4 EP#6 – Finding Hope When You Feel Hopeless

Girl Talk S4 EP#5 – How to Launch a Panic Attack

Girl Talk S4 EP#4 – Whats the Word?

Girl Talk S4 EP#3 – Agree to Disagree

Girl Talk S4 EP#2 – Living Thankful

Girl Talk S4 EP#1 – Who Am I Becoming?

Season 2:

Girl Talk S2 EP #1 – Do I Need to Go to Church?

Season 1:

Girl Talk EP #47 – Busyness

Girl Talk EP #46 – Obedience

Girl Talk EP #45 – Protecting the Sabbath

Girl Talk EP #43 – Self Sufficiency

Girl Talk EP #39 – Help Yourself

Girl Talk EP #37 – Enemy

Girl Talk EP #30 – Lies

Girl Talk EP #24 – Guilt and Shame

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