30 Day Challenge

Listen to nothing but The Light FM for 30 days and let us know if it makes a difference in your life! It’s that simple.

Here’s what some listeners said about the challenge:

“Set all the preset channels on the radio to 106.9 so I would not, out of habit jump in the car push buttons ’til (the) first available music than off I go. It worked 106.9 is all I listen to now and love it. Started the challenge 60 days or so back still on it.” – Billy

“I am rural mail carrier so I listen to 106.9 every day as I deliver mail and it is a real inspiration. From the guest speakers, messages, and songs to the short stories and jokes of the DJ’s. I love it all! Just living life is a struggle for each one of us in some way or another, but inspiration, love, prayers, or a song is right around the corner to lift us up and connect us to Our Savior in the way we each need it at that moment. I have been listening each day consistently since early September so I am beyond the 30 day challenge and this station has helped me in so many different ways. Thank you!!!” – Mary

“My husband had a heart attack and has suffered an anoxic brain injury back in October 2015. A couple of days of him being in the hospital, I found your station. I have been listening ever since. The music and programming has helped me out tremendously to get through each day. We have two boys who have trouble communicating. The other afternoon, we were on our way up to see their dad in the nursing home and the oldest was actually singing “He knows My Name” along with the radio. I am so glad I came across your station.” – Tabatha

“If you ask me a few years ago how my life was going some days I would say great and some days I would say a down hill spiral. I was in constant conversation with God but I was doing everything but listening with my full submission of His will. I knew what instructions He had left for me from my Bible but was doing what I thought was best to accomplish it. Failure after failure to do great and change the world and bring others to Him found me one day on a long road trip with no station that would come in on the radio except 106.9 the light. It was normally something I had set to the truck as number 3 or 4 on the preset buttons and would change when someone started talking but this time God was talking and I was gonna listen. A sermon from some guy I had never heard of with a nice accent was giving the message God was wanting me to have and it hit me so hard I had to pull off the road because of my tears. It was like I had been trying to walk a path at night and God turned on one of those bright lights used in road construction. There are still good and bad days but how I feel about them and how letting God hold the map and navigate have changed my life for the better and I grow closer to Him every minute of every day. Now 106.9 the light is the only station I listen to and love when someone starts talking as well as the blessings of the music because I know God has something He needs me to do. I know I’m way beyond 30 days but so is Gods plan for His children. Thank you 106.9 the light! To God be the glory! – Bethanie

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