Why Should I?

Written by Alice Knighten

There were times I often wondered why I should give more money to ministry outside of my offering at church.  But that’s probably something only I have thought.

I mean God asks me to give my tithe (10% of my income) to “the church”, and I need money to live on so why would I give more money away when I could use a little more for my needs?  Why is that?  I find that when I have more money I think of the things I would “like” to do or have that would be nicer or better, so what is wrong with that?  Nothing is really wrong with having nicer or better things, but there might be something I’m missing that would be better for me. Well…I found my answer in the Bible at 2 Corinthians 8:1-5.

  1. Moreover, brethren, we want you to know of the grace that God has given the churches of Macedonia.
  2. Out of the most severe trial, their overflowing joy and their extreme poverty welled up in rich generosity
  3. For I testify that they gave as much as they were able, and even beyond their ability. Entirely on their own.
  4. They urgently pleaded with us for the privilege of sharing in this service to the saints.
  5. And they did not do as we expected, but they gave themselves first to The Lord and then to us in keeping with God’s will.

Verses 1 and 2 tell us they gave out of their abundance (or surplus) in spite of their difficult circumstances (poverty, wars, plundered by the Roman authority).

In verse 3, we see their giving was

According to their ability

Beyond their ability

Freely and willing, is was voluntary

Verse 4 shares they were partners with Paul. They had pity on the people who didn’t have the joy they had. They really wanted to give.

Verse 5 revealed they gave themselves to the Lord first THEN gave as God asked them to.

So…I found my reason to give beyond my tithe to church:

It is favor from God to be useful to others

Giving to others brings me abundance of joy.

I will trust God for what I need.

The more joy I have, the more I want to give.

Your gift right now will encourage others, just as the churches (or people) of Macedonia encouraged the churches (or people) in Corinth to give.  You will be reaching out to thousands of people every week.

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