No Vase Big Enough

By Carol Davis

February…the month of love. Blech. Lol. I’ve always felt that way about February. I mean, how come we have to have ONE day of the year to put pressure on everybody to get the right thing, the biggest bear, the most beautiful box of candy. Seems a little unrealistic to me…

Rewind to junior high. It was Valentine’s Day. The office looked like Cupid had decided to move into the front lobby of the school office. The florist made what seemed like endless trips to the van and back to the office until I was sure that the office just might bust at it’s frame.

I tried not to notice. But, I didn’t do that well.

One by one, every girl in my 5th period class was called to the office. “Mrs. Gilkey, could you have ______ come to the office? She has a delivery.” The girl would pretend to be surprised and skip giddily out the door and down the hall only to return with an arm full of flowers, chocolates and stuffed animals. Every girl making room beside her desk for her stash….every girl in the class…except me.

I was awkward. (Who am I kidding? I never really grew out of it.) I was the girl all the guys talked to about their girl problems. Endless conversations that would end with some form of this statement: “Gosh, Carol…I wish I could find a girl like you.” Ummmm…..

My empty hands sent a message to everyone in the hallways. I wasn’t loved. Nobody wanted everybody to know that they were “going with” me. No big deal, right? I wish.

Fast forward to right now. Valentine’s Day will be spent filling out Valentines for kindergartners, first and second graders. I might even have one of those heart shaped suckers left over if I’m lucky. Otherwise, Valentine’s Day is just another day. And the tendency is to think that if you don’t get roses…or chocolates….or a teddy bear…that you aren’t loved.

Nothing could be further from the truth. The One who made EVERY rose…loves you. There’s not a vase big enough to hold His bouquet. He wants everyone to know you are His! The symbol of His love for you doesn’t wilt, make you gain weight or wear thin. It’s an everlasting love that you can depend on.

You are loved.

Happy February!


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