I See You … From a Distance

By Carol Davis
The Light FM’s Morning Show

I see you … from a distance.

It has been killing me not to see my mom. She’s in a place where she is safe, well fed and loved to pieces. What a comfort it is to me. I don’t worry about her. But, lately, I’ve worried about me.

Not seeing her has been so painful. Don’t get me wrong. I know it’s for her good. I get that. But, my heart hurts when I am not able to see her.

So yesterday, I went for a walk. It was so beautiful out. So I called the office to see if they could bring her to one of the visiting rooms with a window so I could see her. With the warm temperature and the sunshine, they were happy to oblige.

I was thrilled when I rounded the corner and saw her sitting in a white rocking chair on the porch…grinning from ear to ear. I stood in the parking lot a talked to her from a safe distance. We shared a laugh, caught up on life … but, mostly, we just looked at each other.h

I saw her … from a distance. I’m a hugger. So, it took everything in me not to run up  the stairs and bear hug her till she asked for relief. Seeing her from a distance, made me appreciate all the times we had to be closer …

… as I held her hand as she said goodbye to her husband of 60 years … who she had a crush on since the third grade.

… as I sat with her during doctors appointments as she effects of aging begin to creep in.

… as I looked in her eyes and reassured her that she would be ok even though life looked different.

Being at a distance … made me long to be close again.

It occurred to me that the same applies to my relationship with God.

I’ve lived enough life to have a few ‘phases’ where I walked away from God. Seasons I’m not proud of … but, at the end of every single one of them … I longed to be close again.

Maybe that is where you find yourself today. You have wandered far away from God. You can still see him, but it’s definitely from a distance.

Today … you can come back home. You are not too far gone. This pandemic has you wondering if the life you are living is really the life that you want. I’ve got good news. Today, you can have peace. You can run to him right now. He’s waiting with arms open wide.

If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness.

1 John 1:9 NIV

Find Pease with God


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