Today’s academic environment needs young believers who will stand up and be a light for Christ. With BGEA’s new College Care Box, you can help the student in your life avoid the common campus pitfalls and influence others. Each package includes the book How to Stay Christian in College, Billy Graham’s one-month devotional, Alone with …

Christmas by Myself – But Far from Alone

Written by Jim Kirkland “Be still and know that I am God. I will be exalted among the nations. I will be exalted in the earth! – Psalm 46:10 ESV God’s voice can speak loudest in some of the quietest moments. Experiencing this myself made for a most memorable Christmas. In the early 1990s, I …

I REALLY Wanted to Say “Cranberries”!

Written by Tammy Walls If you haven’t seen our recent “Air Horn Scare” video on You Tube, my blog title has left you in a state of confusion! For those who missed it, click here! Just one of many successful pranks orchestrated by our Event & Audience Relations Manager, Phillip Fritts… While we’re always wary of …

No “False Responsibility” Please!

Written by Kim and Nina Heck Have you ever experienced the power of God? I mean…really witnessed Him move in a mighty way? Have you ever felt His presence so strongly that it caused you to cry or drop to your knees in awesome reverence of Him? I have…and I will never forget those moments …

Impact Days and Pac-Man

Written by John Owens I’ll have to admit, when Pac-Man first came out all those years ago, I spent every quarter I could get my hands on playing that game. I loved it. Quarter after quarter spent trying to get just one level higher. The more time I spent on that game, the better I …

I’m a Horrible Friend

Written by Carol I’m a horrible friend. I forget birthdays. Anniversaries. I stink at it. I don’t mean to. Just sometimes…no most of the time, ok….honestly…all the time…details escape me. (I just sent a message to the school to tell my daughter what to do after school. It’s bad.) But, I’m a fun friend. I …

What’s Your Story?

Written by Jonathan Unthank I am a huge St. Louis Cardinals fan! I lived in St. Louis during my early elementary years, and that’s when my love of baseball became a reality. Watching stars like Ozzie “The Wizard Of Oz” Smith, Willie McGee, Terry Pendleton, Vince Coleman, and others play at the historic Busch Stadium fill my …

Time-Shared with the Bears

Written by Kevin VanBuren So,  my wife and I did one of those time-share sales pitch weekends a few years ago where they give you a free night’s stay at a swanky  resort with dinner for two IF…notice I used caps there…IF  we listened to their sales pitch on time shares.  I thought “what a …

There is Beauty Beneath the Surface

Written by Betty Weaver After looking at how dirty my gazebo had gotten from the past several years, I decided to paint it last week. The paint from the past was peeling off, and the floor was dirty from mildew and stains, making the surface not very attractive. Thinking back and remembering when we first …

Summertime Sun Project

As it draws to an end, has summer vacation lost its luster for your kiddos? Are they bored? Here’s a fun project that will keep them busy and entertained for a while, as well as providing a little science lesson.  It’s called “Sun Printing” and I found it at the Adventure Science Center. The materials …


Click on the below resources regarding the recent Supreme Court Decision on Same-Sex Marriage: Franklin Graham: God Defines Marriage, Not the Supreme Court Stand Your Ground Part 1 – Pastor Greg Laurie Stand Your Ground Part 2 – Greg Laurie Who is the Supreme Court’s Chief Justice – Family Life Today What Now Shall We …


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