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Stealing a Counterfeit

It’s a scene right out of a Mission Impossible movie.  Two men scale the roof of the Matter Art Gallery in Olympia, Washington.  They cut a hole in the skylight, and then rappel to the gallery floor.  They take two huge paintings, and then make their escape.  One painting, “Tribute to the Concussed Skier”, is …

Does God Want To Put Me In Timeout?

I just hope my kids are learning as much from our relationship as I am. I can’t help but constantly think about God’s relationship with me as a Father when I’m trying to teach my kids or discipline them out of love. First, let me say… I finally understand “discipline out of love”. I’ve said …

Interview with Lisa Welchel

Heather and Troy had a chance to catch up with Lisa Welchel, Blair from Facts of Life, as she’s getting ready to be the keynote speaker at the Woman to Woman Conference 2012 coming up February 3 and 4 in Hickory, NC! Here’s their conversation: Heather-Troy_LisaWelchel_interview1-16-12 Register for the conference by clicking below: REGISTER NOW!!!

New You?

It’s a new year, and a new start! Woo hoo!!  Bring on the celebration!  Bring on the resolutions!  Bring on the big plans – this is a new beginning of a brand new you!!! Now, if you’re like me, on January 1, 2012…you woke up the same person who went to bed on December 31,2011.  …

Once Upon a Not So Ideal Christmas

It’s Christmas night, and Christmas has been a long day.   I’ve taken three showers and done four loads of laundry.   My sick toddler is resting in her crib and I’m at home in a much too quiet house.  It started early this morning when my recently turned two-year-old called me to get her out of …

Station Blog: Grace For The Good Girl

In Grace for the Good Girl, Emily Freeman invites you to release your tight hold on that familiar, try-hard life and lean your weight heavy into the love of Jesus. With an open hand, a whimsical style, and a heart bent brave toward adventure, Emily encourages you to move from your own impossible expectations toward …

What we are all about…

I still remember the day I was offered a position at Blue Ridge Broadcasting. The legacy of the station, the integrity of Dr. Graham, the reach of the signal, all overwhelmed me as I searched for words to describe this new opportunity. This was a job that I dreamed about. I moved trinkets and pictures into …

Rebecca St. James Talks About Men, Marriage and More

Recently, I had the chance to catch up with Rebecca St. James.  She was married back in March, and she shared what it’s like to be married after carrying the banner for purity all these years.  She also gave her advice to singles.   Rebecca gave us a sneak peak of her new book due out …

Mission: Barcelona

What a joy is it to be sharing what God has been doing in our family! In  2010, God opened the door to travel to Barcelona, Spain for a week to share with a Christian radio station, Onda Paz 93.2 fm, the steps necessary to grow a focused, listener-supported radio ministry. The need for a …

A trip to the ER

Our day started at the doctor’s office with pink eye…but, I didn’t earn my newest parenting stripes until after bedtime. My 4 year old got a Polly Pocket shoe stuck up her nose. We tried everything but weren’t able to retrieve the doll’s pink pump. So…..off to the emergency room we go. Most kids would …

Someone Robs the Ice Cream Man

You’ve probably heard a joke that starts with, “It’s so hot that…”  Well, this isn’t a joke, but someone mugged a guy in Charlotte and took his –ice cream!  We also talked about how flexing your muscles could also help you flex your willpower.   We talked about people who expect something for nothing.  We shared …


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